If you plan to take part in some Exhibitions in Moscow take the chance to enjoy its highlights and history!

You definitely would want to see the red-bricked walls of the Kremlin, to take a picture in front of the St. Basil's Cathedral, and probably visit the world-famous Bolshoy Theater. These sights extend into the realm of fantasy. All of these places are located within a very small area around the Red Square, so seeing them will not take much of your time but will leave delightful memory.

If you do your business in Moscow but take an interest in St. Petersburg, the North Venice of  Russia, and would like to visit it, we would offer a short break and a day trip tour to St. Petersburg, visiting the major highlights of the Russian «Jewel of the Baltic».

St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, it has some of the most stunning architecture in the world as well as fascinating and rich history. With our tailored private and group St Petersburg tours and spectacular evening events at historic venues you can decide exactly which landmarks to visit and what cultural activities to sample. All of them and each separately will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

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